The SCALE suspension Alpine Series is our high-end product line specially designed for exoticsand sport cars. Combining the best materials on the market and designed to retain handling,performance and comfort, this series is the best choice to repair, upgrade or personalize yourcar without affecting is value. Every useful upgrade are included on our Alpine series (stainlesssteel hardware, gravitational bearing and swift springs) to ensure a long lasting efficiency aswell as optimal performance and comfort. Most application are offered in OE replacement orperformance version.OE replacement version is designed to keep a close to OEM comfort level and stock ride heightor slightly lower. It is mainly used to replace expensive leaking OE suspension or discontinuedshocks without reducing the comfort level or aecting the overall look of a stock vehicle.Performance version allow to lower the ride height signicantly, feel sportier and improvehandling performance over stock suspension. It is normally more used when you want to achievea clean tment, use aftermarket wheels with more aggressive oset or specs and by spiriteddriving enthusiast planning to occasionally track their car.Custom spring rate and adjustment range are possible by asking our sales team to assist you infiguring the best conguration to fit your exact needs.


  • High quality SWIFT springs from Japan
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Camber plates and gravitational bearing (on applicable models)
  • CNC monobloc internal valving
  • High-end internal seals, guides and Buid
  • Modular conception completely rebuildable
  • Magnetic system cancellation kit available (optional)
  • Optional front lift system available (fit most application)
  • 24 level adjustable damping
  • Exclusive measurement system
  • Monotube damper design
  • Chrominum-molybdenum piston shaft
  • Separate Ride heigth and Spring pre-load
  • Black anodized and powdercoated components
  • Fully adjustable in damping, length and travel