The Pro Time-Attack Series suspension system has increased damping force and racing fluid. this feature ensures the suspension system will not overheat, even after a long racing period. Your suspension system will work constantly from the first lap to the last. You will also feel a greater difference in damping force adjustment at each level with a Pro Time-Attack Series.
System is available in 2-WAY and inverted design. Adjustable external reservoir (Separated compression and rebound)

Aluminium Forged

All 6061T6 aluminum components are forged, CNC (computer numerically controlled) machined and then anodized to prevent any form of corrosion.

SWIFT springs

When drivers look at a set of springs, they concentrate mainly on the rates, but the material and manufacturing process is equally important. Swift Springs was founded in 1997 in Tokyo Japan as a motor sports division of Tokyo Hatsujo Manufacturing Co, Ltd. that has been leading the spring industry since 1924.

Then Swift got involved with the championship teams in Le Mans 24hrs, Nurburgring 24hrs, Super GT (JGTC), Super Taikyu series, D-1 World Grand Prix, F3, F3000, Formula Toyota, and many other world class races.

Quality Material

Each cylinder contains high-purity nitrogen gas & synthetic oil to ensure that the shock absorber will perform in a stable and smooth manner. The seamless steel tubes incorporate a chrome molybdenum alloy. This approach produces durable steel tubes to ensure that they will operate without flexing even under high-performance driving. Each application has a specific cylinder. Springs and lower mount are powder coated black gloss.


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